• Come one, come all!

    The hackathon begins on 3 August, 2018!  Join by yourself or with a team of up to 3 humans.  Open to all.  Prizes for top 3 teams in each competition,

    Two challenges (can choose one or both):

    1. Create a DXA website using an HTML theme (cannot use the provided demo-site ). 
      Must have:
      –  at least 3 page types.
      – Own HTML / CSS (from an HTML template, for example)
      Bonus points for:  custom controllers, custom modules, SaaS integrations, Personalization, documentation

    2. Create an Alchemy Plug-in:  Create a new Alchemy plug-in that provides a new functionality. 
      Bonus points for design, functionality, user experience, and documentation

    Each team will:

    • Participate with creative ideas and a fun spirit
    • Have until 1 Septmber to develop the solution and submit to the TDS Panel
    • Create a working solution 
    • Use an open-source license and share all code
    • Present the solution at TDS on Friday, 7 September
    • Be prepared to change the (Tridion) world!


    50% from the community @ TDS

    50% from a panel

    Categories for points:

    – Technical solution

    – Documentation

    – Creativity / inventiveness / thinking outside the box