• Day 1 and 2, The Eye Film Museum

    Located 10 minutes Ferry from Centraal Station - Doors Open at 9:00
  • Ferry from Amsterdam Central Station (back of station)
    From the back of the station, the Ferry is on the left.  Take the ferry in the direction of Buiksloterweg. The 24/7 ferry service is free and leaves every few minutes. The ferry ride takes approximately three minutes. Eye is located on your left and is a three-minute walk as you arrive in Amsterdam Noord.

    Parking by The Eye is not included in the TDS price and is extra.  It is around 24 Euro per day, but you can also park by Centraal Station for only 10 Euro and take the free ferry.  More info at https://parkereninijdock.nl/en/locaties_in_de_omgeving/parking-eye-filmmuseum/

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