• Architecting and Building a site with DXA 2.0

    4-5 September, Amsterdam

    We will discuss the new DXA 2.0 Architecture and learn how we can design our own Web Applications with it, including creating a new DXA site.  We will go over the installation and configuration process, running the source code and the built-in demo site, and then branching off to create our own site.  You will be expected to be familiar with Tridion and also ASP.NET MVC.  All code samples provided in the course can be used by you later on.

    After the workshop you will be to:  

    • Create a DXA 2.0 Web Application in .Net
    • Create Views in DXA
    • Create a Custom Controller in DXA
    • Create a new DXA site
    • Use PowerShell scripts to create DXA example Publications and Content
    • Configure Publishing for the site
    • Understand the framework and possibilities
    • Have a working website in DXA after 2 days 


  • Tridion Docs 13 Info Session

    3 September, Amsterdam  (half-day, starts after lunch)

    In this 3 hour session,we will give you an overview of Tridion Docs 13 and discuss what features it has, including a hands-on demo using the product to manage and update technical documentation and learn how structured content can improve the organizations creation of documentation.

    • What is Tridion Docs 13
    • Creating and Managing Structured Content
    • Benefits of using a tool like Tridion Docs 13 to create and publish content